Dedicated service to those who are dedicated to serve. That is DRG’s quality slogan. Our entire company was built with a focus on serving and supporting our country’s service members. We believe in having profit with a purpose. Everything we do reflects an in-depth understanding of the military system.

DRG Professional Services is a division within a leading defense contractor who employs hundreds of former military personnel. We understand the value of hiring Vets. Veterans possess the skills, experience and leadership qualities employers desperately need today. Our team is committed to helping transitioning military members fully recognize opportunities in the commercial market.

Our goal is to connect employers with these talented men and women, by working with our Veterans to identify a civilian career in which their military background excels and provides a meaningful impact in the commercial market. We also work to educate employers on how military backgrounds can corelate into what their company is seeking in their next hire.

Services offered to Veterans:

  • Resume review and reconstruction
  • Career coaching
    – Understanding commercial corporate culture
    – Evaluating skill sets and commercial crossover
    – Social media guidance
    – Business etiquette
  • Interview preparation
  • Corporate Program Manager phone sessions


Veterans, first we thank you for your dedicated service to our country. We are dedicated to serve you as you navigate your career outside of the military. If you are looking to take the next step in your career as a civilian, we would be honored to help you through that process. If you are a company that is committed to hiring veterans, we would love nothing more than to partner with you in this venture. Please visit our website at to learn more about us. You can email us at any time at, and one of our team members will reach out to you.