In light of the current global pandemic, we know that both candidates and companies are struggling to adjust to the new normal. The DRG Professional Services team is here to help you navigate through your next steps in reaching your goals and creating sustainability. Our goal is to not only help job seekers find the next best step in your career, but to also utilize this time to refine necessary tools and skills that will help you land the job.

This season has also forced most companies into some version of a virtual workspace that, for the most part, may seem scary, daunting and unknown. Whether you are in the candidate seat or the corporate seat, we have a strategy to help you succeed at no additional cost
to you!

Here are some of the ways that we are committed to helping you during this time of uncertainty.

Candidates/Job Seekers:

–      Resume review and reconstruction

–      Virtual interview preparation

o   Understanding phone screen questions

o   Virtual interview etiquette

o   How to promote your best self without shaking a hand

–      Understanding market trends and industry cross over

o   Recognizing your potential in different industries and how to sell those skills

–      Social media guidance

o   Managing and perfecting your LinkedIn


–      How to hire virtually

o   Interviewing

o   Finding the virtual meeting platform that best serves you/your team

–      Strategies for how to onboard employees during this season

–      Understanding hiring in the future and how to prepare for the rest of 2020

–      Coaching on how to successfully manage a remote team

o   Keeping high morale

DRG Professional Services has over 2 decades of combined experience in recruiting and account management. We are extremely dedicated to serving our customers and our community. To set up a time to talk with one or more of our teammates, please email and we will reach out to you. We are all in this together. Let us help you thrive during COVID-19!