Sourcing top tier-level talent is one task we do best.  Finding quality management and leadership skills that define the culture and success of an organization is not to be taken lightly.  Our recruiters have cross-industry expertise in finding the right candidates for our customers, quickly.  With our extensive business knowledge and global reach, DRG Professional Services is able to identify highly skilled upper management and C-level talent for employers.

Screening & Evaluation

Our established methods for sourcing and recruiting candidates are proven, benefiting our clients by:

  • Decreasing hiring timelines
  • Filtering unqualified candidates
  • Saving time and money

What We Do:

  • Interview candidates
  • Verify skill sets
  • Review work history
  • Research training and education
  • Clear references

Professional Sourcing & Recruiting

DRG Professional Services understands that attaining the best employees for your business leads to success. Finding the right talent for your organization is our top priority. Our recruiters have the expertise and connections to find the best employees in the marketplace. We take the time to evaluate the hiring needs and long-term objectives of our clients in order to find the right candidates.

Candidate Screening

DRG Professional Services interviews, checks references and verifies the work history and skills of every candidate before presenting to our clients. Our candidates are screened to match the demands of the employers to ensure they not only have the qualifications, but will also be a match for our clients’ business environment.