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When Does an Interview Actually Start?

When you shake their hand as you walk in the interview room or sign on to the virtual interview? Nope! It starts when you answer the call to schedule an interview. Every step of the way from that point on is super important. Not only are they interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them. [...]

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An Essay on Leadership

Phil G. Busey, Sr. Chairman & CEO DRG and the Busey Group of Companies Effective leadership means to inspire those you lead to follow you. Leaders act accountably, owning the responsibility for the direction set for the organization, entity, or institution through powers of a corporate, public, or elected office. The definition of leadership is [...]

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How to Retain Top Talent

When looking to grow your business, recruiting new talent is only the beginning. Retention is a key factor in success. Not only is retaining your new recruits important, but it is equally as vital to retain the talent that is already on your team. It is imperative that employees within your organization feel valued so [...]

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6 Tips For Working Remote

The current COVID-19 pandemic has us all chartering new waters in both our personal and work lives. We are all doing our best to adapt to the “new normal”. Businesses across industries have been forced to get creative with how they operate at a safe distance, which for most, has meant working remotely. In fact, [...]

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Veterans Focus

Dedicated service to those who are dedicated to serve. That is DRG’s quality slogan. Our entire company was built with a focus on serving and supporting our country’s service members. We believe in having profit with a purpose. Everything we do reflects an in-depth understanding of the military system. DRG Professional Services is a division [...]

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How To Thrive During COVID-19

In light of the current global pandemic, we know that both candidates and companies are struggling to adjust to the new normal. The DRG Professional Services team is here to help you navigate through your next steps in reaching your goals and creating sustainability. Our goal is to not only help job seekers find the next best step in [...]

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Find Your Perfect Match:

Have you ever experienced the frustrations of searching for a new job? Trying to find the perfect candidate to join your team? Did your application seem to go unread? Did you spend your workdays sorting through a pile of unqualified resumes? There is a team of experts that can help you shoulder those burdens and [...]

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