The current COVID-19 pandemic has us all chartering new waters in both our personal and work lives. We are all doing our best to adapt to the “new normal”. Businesses across industries have been forced to get creative with how they operate at a safe distance, which for most, has meant working remotely. In fact, many of you are probably reading this blog post from the comfort of your new established home office.

As our country slowly starts to re-open, many companies are exploring options of permanent or part-time remote working for their teams. A recent analysis, produced by Gartner HR, shows that 74% of CFOs expect to increase remote work within their organizations. This shows us that remote working opportunities are not going to slow any time soon.

Remote working is a new way of life for many employees across the world. Some may adjust to a remote environment seamlessly, or find themselves to be even more productive without all of the interruption that comes with an office full of coworkers. However, some may find it hard to keep a productive energy level or to stay motivated while working from home.

DRG Professional Services has put together the following list of tips that our team has found helpful while working remotely and adjusting to this “new normal”.

1. Continue to wake up at your normal rise time.
Keeping your body and mind in routine will help keep you energized to make it through your work day. This routine will also help if you plan to one day return to the office. You will be less likely to feel thrown off by any “jet lag”.

2. Set yourself a clear work schedule.
Before you start your day, analyze what all you need to accomplish. Make a schedule. Set specific times to focus on the different tasks on your to-do list. It’s also important that you build in small breaks for yourself. Whether it be go outside to play with your children, run a quick errand, put laundry in the washing machine or call to check in on a family member, it is important to create a clear schedule that allows you to stay motivated and productive while of course abiding by your company’s hours of operation.

3. Still take your lunch break.
This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised that without being in a normal office environment this is easy to forget. As mentioned in the second tip, it is important to give yourself time to step away so that you resist burnout and remain motivated. This segues right into our next tip.

4. Do not burn the midnight oil.
Stick to your schedule. You do not need to get an entire week’s worth of work done on Monday. When it is closing time, put it away until tomorrow. The work will still be there when you return. This again, helps resist burnout and frustration within your role. Global pandemics are stressful enough. Do not add more to your plate.

5. Understand the unexpected will happen.
There will be a time when your internet will go down, your kids will be loud (most likely in the middle of an important virtual meeting with your boss), and your normal tasks may take longer than you are used to. This is normal! Try not to panic. We promise that you will adjust.

6. Stay engaged with your teammates.
Even the most introverted introvert misses the comradery of the team – even if they do not admit it! Schedule check ins and calls with your team. Set up Zoom or Go-To meetings where you can see each other’s faces. Allow time to express areas in which you need help and where you are thriving. Chances are, you are all feeling the same.

We know that people feel all different ways about working remote. To some this may be extremely scary and difficult, and for others it may be a breath of fresh air with new found successes. Try your best to find the good within your situation. Be thankful that you are able to work and receive a paycheck. Do not overwhelm yourself. Stay positive and productive. Rely on your teammates for motivation. Just because you are not in the same space, does not mean that teamwork ends. You can do this! We believe in you!

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