Professional Sourcing & Recruiting

DRG Professional Services is committed to helping transitioning military men and women fully recognize their opportunity and potential in the commercial market.

Everything DRG Professional Services does reflects an in-depth understanding of the military system. As a division within a leading defense contractor who employees over 500 Veterans, Professional Services understands the value of hiring Vets. Veterans possess the skills, experience and leadership qualities employers desperately need today.

Our purpose is to connect employers with these talented men and women, by working with our veterans to identify a civilian career in which their military background excels and provides a meaningful impact in the commercial market.

Transitioning Veterans

Transitioning experience gained from service can be challenging. Everyday many highly qualified military men and women are passed over for jobs, due to simple misunderstandings and communication differences. Our industry recruiters provide insight on what employers look for and how to translate military experience to today’s business challenges.


If you are an employer who would like to connect with skilled Veterans or if you are a Veteran looking to advance your private sector career, contact us today.