Our Approach

DRG Professional Services is a division of Delaware Resource Group (DRG) providing customers with recruiting and staffing needs. DRG is a globally recognized aerospace defense company headquartered in Oklahoma City.  The company provides critical training and logistics services for thousands of men and women around the globe from the United States and allied nations, supporting many of today’s most advanced military programs and aircraft. DRG Professional Service brings the same customer centered work ethic to businesses who need to find excellent talent and strengthen their workforce.  DRG Professional Service recruiters are highly skilled with cross-industry expertise.  The division has a proven track record of providing companies with engineers, subject matter experts, program managers and filling specialty positions across industries.

Candidate Screening & Evaluation

DRG Professional Services interviews, checks references and verifies the work history and skills of every candidate before presenting to our clients. Our candidates are screened to match the demands of the employers to ensure they not only have the qualifications, but will also be a match for our clients’ business environment.

Our established methods for sourcing and recruiting candidates are proven, benefiting our clients by:

  • Decreasing hiring timelines
  • Filtering unqualified candidates
  • Saving time and money

Meet Our Team Leaders

Philip Busey Jr.

Philip Busey, Jr.

Executive Vice President and
President of Commercial Entities

Kaci Hymes

Kayci Hymes

Senior Recruiter and Account Manager

Brittany Attaway

Brittany Attaway

Director of Community Relations and Business Development

Rashad Johnson

Rashad Johnson

Corporate Recuiter

Meredith Kemp

Meredith Kemp

Director of
Professional Services

Jessica Tiscareno

Jessica Tiscareno

Corporate Recruiter

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